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Dodge WC Series

The Dodge WC series was a range of light military trucks produced by Dodge and Fargo during World War II. The series included weapon carriers, telephone installation trucks, ambulances, reconnaissance vehicles, mobile workshops and command cars. They were replaced after the war by the Dodge M-series vehicles. WC was a Dodge model code: W for 1941 and C for half-ton rating. The C code was retained for the ¾ ton and 1½ ton 6×6 Dodges

M6 Gun Motor Carriage

The 37 mm Gun Motor Carriage M6 (under the manufacturer's designation WC-55) was a modified Dodge WC52 light truck mounting a light anti-tank gun. It was used by the United States Army for infantry support and as a mobile anti-tank gun. It operated from late 1942 to January 1945 in the Mediterranean, European, and Pacific theaters of World War II.

The gun was normally fired to the rear. The gun fired M74 Armor Piercing Shot that could penetrate 1.4 in of armor at 500 yd. Eighty rounds of 37 mm ammunition were carried aboard.


Serial Number: 8157253

Engine / Horsepower: T-214 six cylinder 94 horsepower @ 3200 RPM


To provide mobility for 37-mm antitank gun.


One Gun, 37-mm, M3; Four Rifles, cal. 30, M1903, with Launcher, grante.


80 rounds 37-mm; 18 grenades.