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Horse Drawn Wagons Return to Duty on the Homefront!

Delivery wagons such as this Express wagon were put back into service during World War II, when some American companies parked their gasoline powered delivery trucks and returned to horse drawn wagons to support the American cause. Note the sign on the side of the Chicago Sun wagon: “Saving Tire Miles for Uncle Sam”.

Ventura Transfer Delivery Wagon

This particular wagon is a heavy platform spring express wagon. It was a heavy haul delivery wagon that served the oil industry and aqueduct construction starting in the 1890’s in Ventura, California. Ventura Transfer was the dominant transportation company of that area, moving passengers and freight that originated with the ships in the new Ventura Harbor. With the building of Ventura’s wharf in 1872, coastal steamers put in and landed goods, and these wagons served as transportation delivering pipe and valves from the ships. In the early years, the wharves at Port Hueneme and Ventura were the window to the world. This wagon also helped build the El Camino Real. The Ventura Transfer Company is still in business today.


  • Heavy platform spring express wagon, with overload spring
  • Full turn fifth wheel
  • The color scheme of cobalt blue and blood red, along with the striping, follow the original findings
  • Replicated lettering is in the traditional Gold Leaf as found on the original wagon
  • This wagon’s construction mimics others in the fleet, suggesting they were from the same maker
  • A ticket box is conveniently located next to the driver
  • Note: the unique brake locking mechanism
  • The heavily ironed structure of the wagon fortifies it for the rigorous duty at hand
  • Note: the unique, heavy rigging tie hooks and the sockets for receiving a top or tarp rail.
  • Axles from D. Arthur Brown of Concord, New Hampshire, located next to the renowned Abbot Downing shop
  • Gear steps identify the gear as being a Selle platform