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There were more M4 Sherman tanks used during WWII than any other tank. As a replacement for the M3 it was proven reliable and cost effective to produce. Prior to the US involvment overseas, thousands of M4s were distributed through the Lend-Lease program to Soviet Union and England.

The Sherman tank is named after the American Civil War General William T. Sherman. First designed in 1940, the M4s were in service by the US forces from 1942 - 1955. Some manufacturers that produced these tanks were Lima Locomotive Works in Lima, Ohio, American Locomotive Co, Detroit Tank Arsenal, Chrysler Corp, and others. Approximately 50,000 were produced during WWII and had a cast hull of 93 mm. Its fuel capacity was 175 gallons with an operational range of 120 miles (80 octane) and maximum speed of 25 - 30 MPH. The M4s were used to perform decisive missions and engage in all forms of combat. With their great mobility and firepower their role was magnitude in all the hostile theatres of World War II.


Engine: 5 Gear Continental R975 C1 9 cylinder radial


400 HP


30 Tons


75mm M3 (9 rounds)
50 cal. Browning maching gun (300 rounds)
2 x 30-06 Browning maching gun (4,750 rounds)

5 Crew Members:

Commander, gunner, loader, driver, and co-driver.