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A Brief History
"Sweet Revenge" is a North American P-51 D Mustang. She was delivered to the USAAF 8th AF in January 1945, and then went on to serve in the Swedish and Dominican Republic Air Forces.

In 1984, she returned to the U.S. and in 1991 was designated Race #28, "Platinum Plus". She was acquired by Ron and Diane Fagen in 1996, and renamed "Sweet Revenge".

334th Fighter Squadron
334th Fighter Squadron The 334th was constituted by War Department letter on August 22, 1942, and activated at Bushey Hall, England, on September 12, along with its sister squadrons, the 335th and 336th. The three Eagle squadrons, formerly composed of American volunteers in the Royal Air Force, were assigned to the 4th Fighter Group - the first Army Air Corps unit activated in the European Theater during World War II - and were based at Debden airfield, Essex, England. As former members of RAF 71st Squadron, the 334th fighting Eagles continued to fly British Spitfires until the arrival of the P-47 Thunderbolt aircraft in 1943. About a year later the squadron changed to the P-51 Mustang, which served as the primary aircraft for the remainder of the war. The 334th led its sister squadrons in air battle accomplishments against the German Luftwaffe, with 395 kills - 210 in the air and 185 on the ground.
Packard-Merlin V-1650-7 12 cylinder
1490hp on take-off
1720hp at max War Emergency setting

9,450 lbs. 

Wingspan: 37'0"
Length: 32'3"
Height: 8'8"

6 - .50 Caliber machine guns

Sweet Revenge Over Granite Falls

In Dominican Camouflage, circa 1952

As Race #28, "Platinum Plus"

The Famous "Boxing Eagle" of the 334th Fighter Squadron